Independent Candidate

                          Rick Barsky

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This campaign is the gathering together of numerous people that are focused on the power of individual thought. 
And for all of us, together, this campaign, and indeed this movement is known as Candidate X.
It starts right here, right now. 
It is the right, and duty, of each citizen to witness decisions being made for them, whether those decisions are governmental, or non-governmental in nature. In order to do that properly, we need to inform ourselves. We must be prepared to stand up for individual rights. We must DEMAND safe food, a healthy environment, private property, and basic freedoms.
The number of issues being placed on society is overwhelming. Now is the time to regroup so we can discover what is important during these critical times...
Inflated oil prices.
The North American Union.
Genetically Modified Foods.
The NAFTA Superhighway.
Agenda 21.
Codex Alimentarius.
All are part of a global agenda that disregards concepts of basic human rights in order to further the corporate agenda at all costs.
This is information that will startle you. And it should! And it needs to be at the forefront when all other issues are being discussed. You owe it to yourself to become aware of what is serious, and then once aware, to take action.
You may also wish to check out the Facebook group: Candidate X.
Look, listen, learn.
Speak up.
YOU are important, and have solutions.
YOU are a leader. YOU are Candidate X.
Trust in THAT...
Don't vote...think.
Then think again. 


Outside the Box

Now, continue on to our Mission...


Campaign Headquarters * 306-229-6030